Konstantine zoekt een Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement in Leiden

Konstantine zoekt: Een Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement in Leiden

  • Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement
  • Min. 8 m2
  • Man
  • 21 Per direct

Hi there!

My name is Konstantine Shvelidze. Firstly, I am currently a second-year Philosophy Bachelor's student at the University of Leiden. Education is crucial to me, and I take my studies seriously, which reflects my commitment to personal growth and responsibility.

Secondly, as a hardworking individual, I hold a part-time job as a bartender in Leiden. This employment not only helps me cover my expenses but also showcases my reliability and dedication to maintaining a stable income.

Furthermore, I am originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, and my cultural background has instilled in me values like respect, courtesy, and a strong sense of community. As a tenant, I will treat your property with the utmost care and ensure that I am respectful of the neighbors and their needs.Given my background as a philosophy student and bartender, I have developed excellent communication and problem-solving skills. I can address issues promptly and work collaboratively with others to maintain a harmonious living environment.

In terms of financial responsibility, I have always paid my bills and rent on time, demonstrating my reliability as a tenant. Moreover, I understand the importance of adhering to the terms of the lease agreement and will treat any property as if it were my own.As a tenant, I aim to maintain a clean and tidy living space and to be considerate of the property's maintenance needs. I value a peaceful and comfortable living environment and will do my best to contribute positively to the community.

Thank you for considering my application. I am more than willing to provide any additional information or references if required.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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  Man, 21 jaar